Outdoor Hospitality is booming,
and we're making some noise.


Today's Outdoor Economy

The Outdoor Hospitality world is different now.

Upscale Glamping Resorts feature enhanced amenities and an elevated guest experience, translating to unprecedented demand and investment opportunities producing superior return to other asset classes.

Pivoting Existing Assets

That’s how we win. Consumers want experiences, not ‘a place to stay’. We are in the business of providing the right experience, for the right asset, in the right markets.


We actively pursue existing RV Parks and Campgrounds in strategic markets that are under-performing, under-marketed and operating at a fraction of their potential. By pivoting from what has been to what should be, we extract maximum value for our investors.


Our Team has over 140 collective years in M&A, acquisitions, dispositions and development, and more than 40 years in Outdoor Hospitality specifically, managing more than 70 RV and Glamping Resorts nationwide. With over $20B in experiential transactions, we can be the bridge between where you are, and where you want to be.


Passive investments with aggressive yield are the ‘what we do’ part of the equation, but trust is the ‘who we are’. Without that, there is no positive outcome. We earn your trust through deeds, not words. It’s the only way we know how to do business.

Sound Fundamentals

We are aggressive, yet principled. We only invest in opportunities based on sound investment fundamentals with a defined strategy to produce desired returns on invested capital.

Why Invest Outdoors?
Because we're different.

You might have heard from others about how Outdoor Hospitality is growing in popularity, and what an attractive asset class this is. While true, our significant depth of history and unrivaled experience, and our significant sphere of influence, demands that we take an aggressive and yet fundamentally sound approach in all we do. This enables us to pursue only those assets which provide stable, sustained growth while mitigating risk.

Outdoor Hospitality
by the numbers


U.S. Camping industry revenues projected 2021

Camping Households

First Time Campers 2020


Average income of first-time campers in 2020 earning $50k-$100+k/yr


Combined first time campers in 2020 who were Gen Z, Gen X or Milenials

Getting It Done

Our Alliance Team

We align only with proven Team members who share our commitment to excellence, transparency, and results. By assembling ‘go-to’ partners, you are assured of having the very best as part of your Team as well.

What Next?

Reach out to us to schedule a discussion about your goals, and how we can work together collaboratively to achieve them. Opportunity awaits.