Considering Selling?

There are many groups soliciting current owners to purchase their property. Ultimately, if you have considered selling, you want to partner with people you trust as part of your Success Team. You have worked endless hours and sweated all the details to create your legacy, and we respect this because we’ve lived the life you’re living. We’ve fixed plumbing with our hands. We’ve checked in countless guests. We’ve dealt with happy and unhappy customers. We’ve stayed up late thinking of new ways to increase business and save on expenses. We’ve lived onsite.

We’ve also managed over 70 parks of all sizes nationwide over a 40-year span, done feasibility studies on over 100, and built several from the ground up. And we’ve been directly involved in over $500M in transactions in the Outdoor Hospitality industry. Why not have a discussion with people who have been in your shoes, and discover how we can work together?

Our Preferred Acquisition Criteria


Nationwide. We do not limit ourselves geographically; we are more interested in existing performance and future realized opportunities. 


50+ existing sites, if there is enough favorably zoned excess land to allow for expansion to allow for additional accommodations.


$300k in NOI (Net Operating Income) either in-place, or can get there through expansion and the addition of ancillary revenue sources. 

What If My Park Isn't a Fit? We Can Help.

Let’s face it: Not all parks will fit our criteria for acquisitions, but is that the end of the conversation? Absolutely not, and in fact it may well be the beginning. Our brokerage company, The Intrepid Group, handles sales of RV Parks, Campgrounds, Glamping Resorts  and Development opportunities throughout the USA and Canada. We would love to visit with you to learn about your specific property, provide you with a complimentary Opinion Of Value, and discuss strategies to present your property to our pool of buyers. We work directly with you and our buyers, confidentially, such that staff and guests are not disturbed by ‘tire kickers’. You are assured of discretion, professionalism and transparency at every step along the way.  We have sold parks to everyone from private investors to the largest and best-known industry leaders, who we work with daily and with whom we have exceptionally strong relationships, representing deal sizes from smaller parks to transactions above $33M. 

What Is The Next Step?

Simply fill out the form below with as much information as you can provide, and we will schedule a time to discuss your particular park, your particular situation, and your best outcome for success.